Monday, 28 March 2016

The Mexican Border

American Border Control

This website is pro-border control and takes a very strong stance on the debate. There is few images or videos on this website and it is mostly text, it is more like a blog that posts regular articles and links. It appears that this website is made to provide information to people who are already fans and regular visitors to the site, as opposed to trying to attract new visitors and persuade them to agree with their point of view. American Border Control website opens up with a large headline that says "Mexico: Cartel Hell" in bright red letters, this invokes a feeling of danger and fear. Many of the articles are particularly biased in the topics they discuss and the emotive language they use to perpetuate the views of their readers, examples of this include "hyper-aggressive, paramilitary tactics" and "this ramshackle pueblo is the No. 1 drug distribution center". Many of the articles could be viewed as scare-mongering and they are also particularly vocal Donald Trump supporters. 

People Helping People in the Border Zone is an organization from the rural town of Arivaca in Arizona. It is part of the militarized Mexican American border. The organization strives to protect the rural town from an influx of immigrants however they also fight to protect the border through opening up the border in arduous and treacherous locations in order to deter people from trying to cross the border, in places such as the Sonaran Desert. They believe that militarizing the border will only have a negative impact on the rural villages and communities that will become involved in a border war. The language that is used on the website is much more objective and seem to put convey their opinion in a more reasonable way. The People Helping People in the Border Zone website also uses images and videos to show how their project works and attempts to motivate viewers to donate to their cause.

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